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André Saut – Co-Founder / Illustrator

Our Studio

For over 10 years in the market and located in Porto Alegre, the southernmost state capital in Brazil, Cria Ideias is a multimedia illustration studio with a team of expert illustrators and animators specialized in character design, cartoons, children and textbooks.

Our objective is to deliver very high quality illustrations and animations by the hands of the best artists, most updated equipment and software available, for a price that is affordable by all types of clients all over the world.

We work for authors who want to publish their books, public people who want to have their illustration, companies of all sizes intending to communicate with specific public and publishers or agencies looking for a skillful supplier for their demand no matter the volume or deadline.

The outcome of our work can be watched on the Disney XD channel and several others in Brazil, besides in over 200 children and textbooks printed by the largest national and international publishers. You will also find our illustrations in hundreds of kids wear and adult clothing lines tees and even as the mascot of a soccer club world champion.

At Cria Ideias we believe trust is built over time, with every successful work we make and deliver. We are looking forward to having your trust!

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